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FONMAX after Earthquake efforts.

- Clean water distribution.


- Helping unload relief materials arriving at the airport.


- Building an emergency clinic to provide much needed aftercare.



- Making designs for the new housing program, ordering truckloads of materials.


- And building the prototypes to do final tests for approval.



- And a more permanent version of a typical Creole style house..



If you can help funding these houses for a Haitian family in need, contact us for more information. FonMax will provide feedback with pictures to show how your donation made a difference!

If you want to help a Haitian family that can not afford the price, FonMax may be able to subsidize the cost of the house from other donations received!

The 2-room houses are assembled on-site from 7 prefab panels made by Haitian workers at Maxima S.A. Your support provides both homes and jobs!

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