Concept, Quality, Collaboration

Commercial; Our capabilities, products, and inventory are at your service. Maxima’s extensive experience with commercial applications makes us the go-to provider for your commercial project.

Stores, Restaurants, Offices, Hotels, Customer service centers; Maxima has the standards to supply cabinetry both standard and customized. We provide the right furniture to fit your business plan.
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Marketing and special promotions; Maxima designs and builds Kiosks, Sales counters, and Promotional displays. Fixed or Mobile, for one time events or repetitive use. Our flexibility allows us to meet your exact requirements.

Designers and Remodelers: Maxima is your design partner and production unit! We work by your specifications and guidelines to bring your project to completion. Maxima adds value and variety to your services, saving you time and money.

Contractors: Place your orders and pick up your goods! Use Maxima’s  Eurokraft line of catalog cabinetry to include in your projects. You can install the products yourself or use Maxima’s team of professional installers.Website Commercial2

Realtors and Developers; Give us your standards and Maxima will help you to price your basic packages.

Offer your clients added value by referring them to Maxima to come and pick their upgrades. You do direct sales on the standards, Maxima handles the upgrades and exceptions.Website Commercial3

Franchise concept: We can develop, collaborate and take your concept to furnish a line of stores. Maxima has specialists in concept development, ready to define your style and brand recognition into a design that sets you apart from the competition

Maxima provides technical drawings, material specs and professional certifications as needed to meet your project requirements.