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FonMax is striving to match educational content with the evolving industrial market demand in Haiti. In addition, the Maxima Foundation (aka FonMax to its French acronym) is the non-profit arm of its founding company, Maxima S.A. FonMax strives to be a Networker / Think-Tank to the ongoing discussion towards a more business-like approach as solution to the poverty in Haiti.

We want to draw attention to the newest needs and trends in Haiti's Job Market and be a major player in innovating the educational environment to match these trends. Having firsthand encountered the mis-match between Education and Job Skills, we have set up the MaxiTec Training Center to better prepare Haiti's youth to the more industrialized workplace of today. Integrating learning, logical thinking and working, teaching Life Skills and Personal Development, we believe offering an all-round curriculum which matches Haiti's President's "Haiti's Ready for Business" slogan.

Fonmax strives for independent functioning of following programs:

- MaxiTec, our Woodworking/Technical School.

- Toy making that supports education.

- Advocacy and Networking in Business as Mission, as well as in local Social Businesses.

- Consulting Charities to move to a more business-like operational setup.

- Assisting and coordinating relief aid, such as Housing Programs.

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