Certified, Resistant, Engineered

Maxima provides structural building components to both local professionals and organizations.

Maxima offers a range of pre-calculated trusses of the Post-Frame type. These allow to quickly plan a small building, calculate your budget, and order the needed materials including roofing sheets and all hardware required. Ask for our easy spreadsheet to analyze cost and materials for your next project. These trusses are great for: small houses, schools, hospitals, community centers, and more.Website Structural1

Maxima also offers complete structures. Maxima is licensed to use Sapphire, the MiTek structural design software assuring structural strength greater than required by law in South Florida, USA.Website Structural2

Maxima only uses wood in structural components that is inspected and approved by the Southern Pine Inspection Bureau.

Maxima uses USP and MiTek Structural Connectors in all the kits we supply. Calculated for hurricane strength, earthquake resistance and long life, USP supplies quality products to build stronger, safer structures.Website Structural3

Maxima offers ProWood Treated Lumber, making our wooden components rot resistant and termite resistant, while keeping them environmentally friendly.Website Structural4