Eurokraft: a line of standard products, offered to you in catalog format. Eurokraft cuts the cost to offer you an affordable price!

Eurokraft  standard furniture; kitchen modules, bathroom vanities, entertainment centers, closets, desks, tables, chairs and much more. A wide range of well designed, functional furniture.

Eurokraft standard cabinetry;  a wide range of different cabinets at an affordable price. You choose the type, finish and size you need and place your order, we’ll deliver from stock or call you when they are ready. You do the design, you pick them up, you do the installation, so you save the money!

Get our Catalog, visit the Eurokraft showroom at Maxima, or visit one of our local distributors and retail stores.

Eurokraft, a Maxima division.Eurokraft, a Maxima division.